all targets and ta

As stipulated in the Action Plan, a "j

ns, convened a mid-term assessment meeting on the implementation of the Action Plan to appraise and review the implement▓ation of the Action Plan for the earlier period, and made arrangements on


oint meeting mechanism fo▓r the Nat

how to better carry out the Action Plan in the next phase.In ▓July 2015, the joint meeting mechanism launched the final assessment of the

implementation of the Action Plan. The final assessment was conducted in three stages -- investigation, evaluation and summary. From July to December 2015, the Info▓rmation Office of the State Council took representatives of medi▓a agencies and human rights experts on multiple tours of investigation in Beijing, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Qinghai, Xinjiang and other regions where they conducted interviews and research and listened to comments and suggestions of people from all walks of life and the▓ general public. Entrusted by the joint meeting mechanism, the China Society for Human Rights Studies arranged multiple trips for human righ


ts experts and representatives of social groups to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Dalian, Jinan, Wuhan and other places to conduct investigations on the implementation of the Action Plan.The joint meeting mechanism instructed relevant departments and institutions to make a self-asse▓ssment of the completion of their respective tasks concerning the Action Plan, and to submit written reports. On this basis, the joint meeting mechanism organized a team of human right▓s experts from relevant departments and institutions of the central government, mass organizations and social groups as well as the Party School of t

he C▓PC Central Committee, Nankai University, Shandong University, Southwest Universi▓ty of Political Science and Law, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and other universities and research institutions. The team examined and analyzed ▓the self-appraisals of each department and institution in accordance with th▓e targets set by the Action Plan, solicited opinions and suggestions from member organizations of the joint meeting mechanism and all socia▓l sectors and finally formulated the Assessment Report on the Implementation of the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2012▓-2015).It is hereby promulgated as follows.Please scan the QR C▓ode to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code ▓to follow us on WechatNew service set up to boost Taiwan enterprises▓ on mainlandA service has been set up to help Taiwan e▓nterprises conduct business on the mainland. The Taiwan Enterprise ▓t

ional Human

Rights Action Plan" on

ransforming and upgrading service offices have been established in Guangdong and Fujian Provinces. The move is in the wake of 10 favorable measures to boost Taiwan enterprises on the mainland. At

of the Information O on

a ceremony in Dongwan, Guangdong Province, Wu Shengguo, who is in charge of Taiwan Affairs, said the teams will offer advice on rules and regulations, industry▓ information and technical innovati

il and the Minis on

on to Taiwan business people. It will also promote the sustainable development of Taiw▓an enterprises on the Mainland.Wu Shengguo, the vice director of Taiwan▓ Affairs Office in Fujian, said,"We w

hey jointly take t

ill provide management, technology and human resource services to Taiwan enterprises on the Mainland

, helping them ride out any difficulties."Huang Guanxu,from Kai▓rui Hardware Ltd.Co,Fujian, said,"The local

governme▓nt has helped us a lot, and we have been transforming and upgrading gradually and success

fully, that is good for us."Top DPRK leader Kim Jong Il inspects enterpriseBy Fang Yang BEIJING, Marc▓h 21 (Xin

huanet) -- In face of economic restructuri

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